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>> my father, there was their is not a day that goes by that we don't miss you and love you. >> it must seem some days as though the world moved to other things. i say to you today that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever. >> reporter: september 11th, 2001, terrorists boarded four airliners setting a course that would change a nation. our spirits are wounded but their terrorism did not break us. i'm maureen umeh. today, the nation paused to reflect on that fateful day and
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pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice 9 years later, much has change. twin light beams stand where the world trade center powers once stood. a live look at the new york city skyline and earlier at the pentagon, president obama laid a wreath at the memorial where american airlines flight 77 crashed. the crowd honored the 184 victims who died. the president we -- terrorist efforts to divide the country, a victory he said will never be handed to them. >> we won't let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves distort who we are. they doubted our will but as americans, we persevere. >> among the dignitaries were the families of those who died, including the family of carolyn manlin. she was working inside the pope 9 year ago and today her family invited matt ackland to a
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celebration of her life. >> reporter: this is what caroline loved. her family in one place. >> she loved to keep the family together no matter what is going on. >> reporter: her son stan said even after 9 years on this day, the family travels in from all over. not to remember the tragedy but to celebrate the woman. >> we were so close and we would go shopping together. >> reporter: carolyn was especially connected to her sisters. they were all best friends. the older sister said that day she knew something was wrong. >> just the way i felt that day. >> reporter: mary was so close to her sister carolyn and in life and on the day she died. mary worked here in pentagon city at the dea office. carolyn worked across the street at the pentagon. mary tells us she remembers hearing a huge boom and ran to the window to see the fire and
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knowing her sister was at the window. >> there was an umbrella that opened up and i saw smoke and two days before, she said she moved to that side of the building. >> reporter: saturday morning, caroline's samely -- family gathered at the pentagon memorial and met about with president obama and picked up anwar johnson who would have been her great nephew. >> when i looked up again, she had him in his arms and he was smiling. wow, he's the chosen one now. >> reporter: for this family, 9 years has eased the 59 but time has not faded the memory of caroline. they know if she was still here, this is where she would be happiest, surrounded by family. >> it's difficult and in my spirit, i could feel something is going on. >> reporter: the family is planning an even larger celebration for the 10th year anniversary. she left behind a husband and two children and five years ago
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she would have become a grandmother. she was married for 30 years to her husband and they planned on retiring back home in south carolina. how about little anwar with the president. what a picture? >> he's too precious. thank you for that. caroline and all the victims will be missed. thank you for that report. >> karia mabia. >> james joseph mccallory jr.. the families read the names of loved ones lost in the world trade center collapse. tearful mourners clinged to framed photographs of those killed. in shanksville, pennsylvania, first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush helped honor victims of hijacked flight 93. both women met privately with families of the victims and spoke to a crowd of 1,000. >> they acted as one. and together, they changed history's course. and in the days that followed when we learned about the heros of flight 93 and what they had
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done, we were proud, we were aed, we were inspired. but -- awed and we were inspired. i don't think any of us were really surprised. it was clear the 40 individuals were no strangers to service and to sacrifice. for them putting others before themselves was nothing new. because they were veterans and coaches and volunteers of all sorts of causes. there was the disability rights advocate on who carried a miniature copy of the constitution everywhere she went. there was the census director who used to return to the home she canvassed to drop off clothing and food for families in need. there was the couple who quietly used their wealth to make interest-free loops to
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struggling families. and to this day, they remind us not just by how they gave their lives but by how they lived their lives. that being a hero is not just a matter of fate. it's a matter of choice. >> stirring words there. flight 93 crashed when passengers tried to overcome the hijacker. the crash site will be a permanent memorial for all 40 victims on board the plane. and to afghanistan, soldiers gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. in memory of those lost, the service men and women competed in a 90 error error .11 race. and a memorial service was held. u.s. troops stationed in iraq took time to pay tribute. members of the 332nd air
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expeditionary wing firefighters held their own memorial service at joint base dallas. since the 9/11 attacks, u.s. forces have been fighting terror on the front lines. iraqi special forces have taken the reigns in iraq back. many wonder if they're any match for the al qaeda. here's more. >> reporter: they are highly- trained commandos with the best u.s. equipment. the iraqi special praising forces. this is just an exercise in capturing the most dangerous terrorist. nine years after 9/11, iraqi special forces are key to terrorism efforts here. the american advisors observed and sometimes participate and more and more came down. >> we're watching them. >> reporter: both u.s. and iraqi commanders said al qaeda has been degraded since 2007. [speaking in native tongue]
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[ through translator ] >> i fought them in fallujah and other areas. the old al qaeda doesn't exist and the leaders are killed and many captured. >> reporter: high-profile bombings continue with al qaeda claiming responsibility. that is why more than 4,000 u.s. special forces remain here. >> we live and eat together, we sleep together. we even fight together and we died together. >> reporter: they accusing them of aggressive tactics, questioning the chain of command putting them under the prime minister's control. american advisors say that iraqi special forces are the finest in the middle east, partly because they're working with elite u.s. army special forces the past seven years n. baghdad, melanie wilkes, fox news. >> the u.s. has been on the search for osama bin laden and his terror group. bin laden has a number of ters up, even with a $25 million bounty on his head and this is
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despite al qaeda having killed more muslims worldwide than americans. >> when osama bin laden hide out in that imposing terrain in a populous that supports his radical ideas and a cultural imperative saying you take them in and help them with their lives, it's going to be difficult to have anyone turn him judge in. >> count terrorism officials believe bin laden and the core of the leadership is hiding along the pakistan-afghanistan mountainous border. a california community leveled by an explosion and flames 1,000 feet high. it has one local neighborhood fearing the worse. >> reporter: d owner brigs out a massive fire response for this second time in one day. neighbors say this is not the first time this happened. what the gas company has to say and why this neighborhood is on
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edge. texting and driving what a dangerous combo. see where our cameras caught employees who should be looking out for your safety checking text messages instead. and keeping your kids safe, the new monitoring device that tracks their every move. could it leave them open to danger? keep it here. your 90-minute power block of news this saturday is getting started. we're coming back.
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>> take a look at this. amateur video in a home from a neighborhood in california. a deep crater marks where the blast erupted and local, state and federal officials continue looking for the cause and california senator barbara boxer toured the charred area in san bruno today. >> it's hard to put into words the way you feel when you see a
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beautiful neighborhood and a whole section of it that almost disappeared. >> the death toll rose to six and 50 people suffered injuries, some critical. the california explosions sparking fear in some residents in virginia. they say the smell of natural gas has been lingering for days and weeks now. roz plater is live with more. roz? >> reporter: maureen, the families are back in their homes and the fire crews just left. it was the second time they left and folks who live here say no one can seem to explain why this is happening, that'll have a tough time sleeping tonight. 5:30 in the evening, the odor of gas is strong and they shoulds called for help. the same scenario has played out. >> we called 911, we're scared for our lives and we don't feel like they're doing anything to help us. >> reporter: fueling their
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fear, the recent deadly gas explosion and fire near san francisco. >> we all made that connection that that could be us. >> the fire department responded to go door-to-door and using meters to check the level of gas in the homes. >> and we're all cautious and like to check what we can and if we're not detecting the gas on the meters, that makes it hard to find why it's coming from. >> and some tie it to new construction that began about the same time as the leaks. the families who live here say
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that may not be good enough. >> we want answers when the problem is and when is it going to get fixed. every week, you know, you smell gas and it's still the same thing. they not sleeping. people are not sleeping well. >> reporter: washington gas is still on the scene tonight as well as the builder, we're told, and here also, everyone is looking for answers and folks here tell me what they want is for somebody to sit down with them and explain what is going. >> thank you, roz plater for that report. and a long time political analyst who made several appearances on fox 5 died. ronald w walters passed away last night at the age of 72 and walters is being remembered as a scholar at howard university and the university of maryland where he was the leading expert on race and politics. police are searching -- searching for a murder suspect yesterday afternoon and officers believe that he left
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baltimore and heading to d.c. or west virginia. he might be travelling with a white female companion with maryland tag number 1 ewb 10. that is 1ewb10. the police say the vehicle is using a donut spare tire and anyone with information is being asked to call 911. in virginia, fairfax county police want you to get off the phone and pay attention while driving and they kicking off a major enforcement effort to target people texting or distracted. we allen about the dangers of texting and driving but fox 5 found people ticking who should be paying attention to other things. they not behind the wheel and their texting could put other people at risk. tisha thompson has the investigation. joe you can't get away from texting, even when you visit the fair.
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it's usually not a problem unless you're the guy who is running the ride. fox 5 visited county and state fairs across to show you what is going on when they think no one's looking? at the maryland state fair, it did not take long before we caught this guy texting and not paying any attention to the kids going through his fun house. this employee turned his back to the ride ride while he typed and this guy was so busy watching his phone, that he didn't realize we were watching him and in all, we caught eight different operators texting in two hours. we showed our results to this man who runs all the rights riders here at the maryland state fair. he said he always had a strict cell phone policy. >> they're not allowed to use cell phones while operating equipment and whether it's a game or food or ride, doesn't
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make a difference. not only do we have a policy, but we remind them of that policy before opening every week. they didn't get the message. >> reporter: as soon as he saw the pictures, he confiscated the phones and is considering reprimanding or firing the employees, including the operator of the vertigo who spent more be that 45 minutes continuously texting while the unloaded riders stood at the controls and taking a ride himself and rarely looking up at the phone. >> i didn't think they realized about that equipment. some is 80, 90,000 pounds and -- with that brick wall. >> reporter: we saw firsthand how accidents can happen in an instant. our cameras were rolling at the montgomery county agricultural fair when a swing slammed into a ride operator after something went wrong on a different
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version of the vertigo and we were there again watching operators watch their phones instead of their rivals -- riders. this is run by a different county. who gave us a copy of the employee rules and regulations and which states in big bold letters, electronic devices like cell phones are never allowed whole you're working and this employee tapped away and this texted behind the controls while his ride was in full swing. >> our ride operators are trained not to be texting, as well as our security folks when they on duty. texting is not permitted and we make sure that doesn't occur. >> reporter: a spokesman said as soon as they saw our pictures, we went through the fair with a bucket and collected everyone's cell phone. the company said it immediately changed his tells and from now
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on, employees must turn in their phones before they step foot to the mid-way. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> and we want to tell you that texting had nothing to do at the agricultural fair and the operator hit in the head is okay and going high tech to keep your kids and family safe. a new device light you know where they are all the time does. it really? coming up, we're weighing the pros and cons of family monitoring. and it was not a q'uran burning but had some similarities. pages ripped out and tossed and see why this controversial protest back fired. that is coming up. 
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who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city. from cell phones to the internet, parents can track their kids' whereabouts with a click of the mouse and there is growing concern about privacy
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issues and the actual safety of those devices. and fox's claudia cowen has more. >> reporter: a growing number of students are being carefully tracked by their teachers and parents at home. >> and you never know. you want to be keeping track of them. >> reporter: she goes on to life 360, one of a dozen family monitoring services for a fee, let's her follow along as her husband walks 7-year-old patrick and 5-year-old cheyenne to school. >> it's making sure they got to where that were supposed to be. >> reporter: if the child is separated from the device that is to be track them.
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if mom can see a map of her kids whereabouts, so can someone else. and -- >> before a parent implements it, they need to know how long it's being kept, who has access to it, when is it going to get to lead it? >> she advents it raises new moral and legal issues but tracking kids will be the norm. >> it's beyond just safety and that brings up a whole host of new products as well as concerns and it's a new world. parents are adopting it at a new rate. >> parents, yes. but whether the kids want to be tracked like teenagers remains to be seen.
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9 years after the deadliest on u.s. soldier, the remembering of those who lost their lives. plus, the controversies from the cancelled coran burning and to that stunt that played out in front of the white house. 9
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. >> let me say one thing, let today never ever be a national holiday. it's a day to reflect on all of those thousands of people who died for us in the united states. >> reporter: remembers the victims of the 9/11 attacks. a somber day across the country honoring those who lost their lives, forever changing families and the landscape of our nation. the events 9 years ago today are burned into the hearts and souls of millions of americans and today, thousands attended
10:31 pm
tributes. >> 9 years have new passed. and that time, we have shed more tears than we will ever know. >> my father, there is not a day that goes by that we don't miss you or love you. >> must be like the world moved on to other things. i say to you today that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever. >> my grandfather, you were a hero to the world but you were the best grandfather anyone could have ever asked for. >> we look forward to the day that we can hold you close again in paradise. ♪ ♪ and sometimes heaven leads them back again. >> my aunt, we love you and
10:32 pm
miss you. not a day goes lie boy that we don't think of you. you are our angel now, continue to watch over us all. ♪ the home of the free and the home of the brave. my two uncles, i won't forget about you guys. >> my father, i mess you, daddy. >> i didn't meet you but me mommy told me that you were the best brother to her. we mess you, we love you. you are not forgotten and god bless america. >> today, the observants was almost overshadowed by the florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the q'uran and the reverend arrived in new york city last night canceling his event to burn the holy book with hopes to meet the imam who
10:33 pm
was proposing to build a mosque near grouping. the imam didn't accept the equipment-- request. even though he didn't go through with his plan, a local group in washington did engage in a similar stunt. they tore some pages from a q'uran on the sidewalk in front of the white house and as fox 5s john henrehan supports, the demonstration was so small, many tourists missed it. >> obviously, we're having difficulty with that story. we'll try to get to that story soon. and they're normally a delicacy, but not exactly when they look like this and take a look. giant snails going up to eight inches long. someone tried to smuggle them
10:34 pm
through dallas and -- dulles. see how and where officials found them. >> makes my skin scrawl crawl. and look at what is on our doorstep. rainfall, much needed rainfall and we have been in a real drought situation. it's associated with a frontal system. the question is how much will we get and how long will it stick around? the details in the full forecast and we'll be back with more after it the break. ceusmed
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
10:37 pm
>> move over, annie oakley. some of those women in oklahoma are gunning for your spot. they're taking part in the ruckus of the nations event. they have to hit as many targets as they can can in the correct order and in the fastest time. the match is sponsored by the indian territory single action shooting society. that is a mouthful. >> gunning for the job? did you write that? >> i didn't write it, but i thought it was a great segway for the cowboys and redskins. >> i like it. >> i know. >> and you going for our top on spot and not going get it.
10:38 pm
>> right. >> and i want to know who you think is going to win? >> the redskins, hello? >> and giving out numbers? >> i don't deal in numbers. >> all right. there is no telling what will happen tomorrow night. the skins have a new look from top to bottom. the new general manager and head coach and new quarterback and practically a new wide receiving court and the rivalry's roots go back to 1960. the cowboys with a 22-game lead and there have been two ties, called one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. if the players don't know it, the fans will tell them. >> the first think this they said, you know, how we feel about dallas and -- about the rivalry and to set a stage sunday night, you know, the first game of the season and that home game is an easy game
10:39 pm
and i know it's 1/16, but it's a huge one. >> virginia tech coming off of a monday night loss and hosting james madison. the first quarter, the nine- yard touchdown. the hokies, 21-2 in home openers and they're up early 7- 0 and not happy, ripping off the jacket. the quarterback, on the keeper and gets to the outside and runs it in from 12 yards out and going up 21-16 and with 4 seconds left. getting the first win against virginia tech in seven trys and that is the first win against the opponent since 1990. and hosting morgan state. the first-ever meeting between the in-state opponents and first quarter, maryland up 7-0
10:40 pm
and robinson to canon and the 20-yard touchdown gives maryland a 14-0 lead and morgan state down 17 in the second and intercepted by the terps. and that final is 62-3. ouch! >> and coming up on sports extra highlights from navy and the howard hampton game. >> it is. >> and from what i have been reading, albert hainesworth is eating tomorrow. >> and according to the reports and everything, people say he's going to play. >> what is your prediction for a score? >> i'm going to say redskins win. >> you know what, a win is a win, i say? >> if it's 3-0, that is good enough. >> and many people were excited for football. why not. >> and hope the weather holds off. that will be nice and dry. >> all right, see you later. >> okay. lady gaga, you know about
10:41 pm
her bad romance? >> will's not here. he loves her. and her bad romance comes to an end and coming up, more on her legal woes with her ex- boyfriend.  ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. i thought it was over here... ♪
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>> some people think they a delicacy, others think they're greece gross. we're talking about snails and what about the kind that grows to be eight inches long? someone tried to smuggle several of them into the country through dulles international airport. beth parker reports on this unusual fine. >> reporter: how would you like to sit next to these guys? they giant african snails. >> not every day you see that into the country. >> and 14 of them showed up on an x ray at customs at driving under the influence international -- dulles international airport over the weekend.
10:45 pm
first, a female passenger travelling from gaa said she had nothing to declare. >> gave them an opportunity to changeta verbally and they declared yes. >> reporter: kevin homes works for u.s. customs and border protect, the chief agriculture specialist at dulles and said they see snails from time to time. >> they sually cooked or out of the shell. >> reporter: this time, they were wrapped in a plastic bag with knee breathing holes and most survived. >> the resill yes, yes. >> reporter: customs wants to keep them out of the united states because they're known to cause economic damage and you see they destroy contributes and eat more than 500 different types of plants. >> they do feed on pear, papaya, cabbage, lettuce and oranges. >> reporter: he said the snails were destroyed on a busy day, 10,000 people pass through customs at dulles and they routinely seize food and plants. >> we take it very seriously.
10:46 pm
that is why we're here. >> reporter: things people may not realize what they pack in their suitcase could pose a danger on others. beth parker, fox 5 news. you can be cited for failure to declare prohibited items. at it can be $300 at the airport and as much as $1,000 if you go to court. ferocious storms in italy triggered a mud slide. check it out and that is washing away cars. the fast-moving muddy water left one woman missing. the rescue workers are using inflatable boats. a different theme at home. drought conditions starting to impact farmers. at butler's orchard, they're seeing fewer pumpkins on the 20 acres. for example, a vine that might have eight pumpkins on it has five. not good news with october and halloween approaching. >> the pumpkins come and there are a couple on this line. and orange ones are still a
10:47 pm
little soft. they need to cure a little bit more. >> and they using irrigation lanes. he knows the weather will never be perfect and there are always peaks and valleys. and don't we know that too well. yeah. >> and talking about rain coming down the pike here, which we need. >> and we do nice day out there. a few clouds and sunshine as well and the clouds were bright. we're starting to see them moving in now, though, however, ahead of the system bridging us the rainfall and some things are changing. that is good news for the farmers and anyone concerned about the lawns and flowers,
10:48 pm
definite lit rain is a welcome site. temperatures near seasonal and sticking close to that and we now have our fourth hurricane of the season and that just happened. we have the nice five-day forecast days as we look at the extended forecast. in the meantime, temperatures again close to seasonal and 78 degrees at baltimore and that is under mostly sunny skies and temperaturewise, not badly. 73 degrees at national; 64, gaithersburg; and 69 at martinsburg and that is out to the west. they're starting to see a bit of that precipitation and here it is, hurricane igor. how winds at 75 miles an hour and that is a cat 1 hurricane and over the next 72 hours, that is expected to intensify
10:49 pm
and this is does bear watching and we'll see how it develops as this continues to go through into the atlantic and light look at radar and what is happening with our picture. this is a frontal system and we have rain showers and thunderstorms associated with it. it's gradually moving through to the east and that is going to move across our areas into the course of tomorrow and let's look at true view. across areas of our west, we're starting to see this organized line of wet weather and it doesn't rule out we may not see a passing thunderstorm or two and that is goings to move through and we have a chance of seeing a slight chance of a thunderstorm tonight and into the early morning hours of tomorrow. the showers decreases into the afternoon hours and early evening. by the afternoon, we could just so a scattered shower here and
10:50 pm
there and an isolated shower and by later in the day, more of a sprinkle and in the morning hours, plenty will push through and as we move to the evening hours and that is great news. behind it, a ridge of high pressure and that is setting us up into the early week. a chance of a storm in the morning and overnight tonight. a very slight chance and by mid- day, scattered showers and could see an isolated shower and spring will by the time we get into the later part of the afternoon hours and the redskins games, looks like we're going to be mainly partly cloudy skies and it will be cool. you will need a jacket, about 58 degrees by the time kickoff happens and we could see at that point, a bit of a passing sprinkle. overcast showers and a chance of a thunderstorm for tonight and 63 degrees. a light southeasterly wind and for tomorrow, in the morning, once again, a slight chance of a storm and most looks like
10:51 pm
it's well to the south of us and could get a quarter of an inch of rainfall and that is welcome at 75 degrees and this is a look at the forecast. a cool front is moving through and that looks like a dry one and no more rain until thursday. >> and slog they're not in the 90s. her bad romance is coming to an end. lady gaga settled a lawsuit with her ex-boyfriend and former producer. he sued the star for $35 million saying she signed a deal giving him 15 to 20% of her earnings and she count sued claiming he duped her into an
10:52 pm
unlawful arrangement and the terms were not released. a new season of glee begins and you can get the glee fill with the new edition of "people" magazine. and. papa rope taking fans on the latest journey. and here's more with william lejenesse. >> reporter: papa roach's latest effort, time for any leg on the record and on the road, gives fans a retrospective look. >> we take on you a journey through the old school songs and it connects it to the future of the band and the presence of the band and that is like the best of both
10:53 pm
worlds. >> reporter: with five new songs and 9 life tracks, the cd is infused with the highs and lows experienced on the rock'n'roll roller coaster. since landing on the mainstream music radar in 2000. >> we left the major levels and -- that gave us an opportunity to do a different type of release. >> and when you listen to the live record, it's interactive and you can hear jacobi talking to the crowd and going crazy and he's running through the crowd. >> and you're hearing people like agh, screaming as i'm running by. >> and they had fun taking out their aggression on the lead singer while filming the video. >> and like deep down literally and a ran him over d. you see
10:54 pm
that part? >> it was scary, actually. the director kept saying to drive faster and that car was sketchy. they want to hit him. >> reporter: so, we live the -- relive the past and make new memories with the new cd, time for any leg on the record and on the road. in hollywood, william lejenesse, fox news. >> to think going green will cost you too much green, our money team said think again. we're working to find you the best deals around. that is coming up. and remembering the victims of 9/11 9 years later. president obama pays tribute at a somber event at the pentagon. coming up at 11, his words of healing to hundreds of family members. mmmm.
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>> a lot of people would like to go green but finding eco- friendly products are a challenge. melanie alnwick found a way to go grown and with a discount of an organization that started here in d.c. >> inside greater goods on d.c.'s u street. >> this is an outdoor solar lamp. >> pretty. >> uh-huh. >> and there is a store full of green products. >> water bottles, link error error bags and that is generally things that help you produce your impact overall. >> reporter: customers can reduce the impact on the wallets, too, if they belong to the organization live green. >> we offer discounts for cleaning products and personal products and soaps, detergents for all members of 10%. >> reporter: it was founded by stove ma as a way to support millionling businesses sprouting up in the city and now -- >> those businesses are growing
10:59 pm
expanding, we hired full-time staff and creating green jobs in this tough economy. >> reporter: there are 50 businesses offering the member discounts and he said they check out the company and focus on businesses offering practical products and competitive prices. >> the point is green living is important and we want to make it easier for people chooseing the grown error options. >> reporter: this is another deal, 40 to 70% off ecofriendly services like massages, yoga or dining through live green's greenback program. and in dupont circle, this massage is this deal. >> it's crazy and we're shocked. >> reporter: she uses organic oils. efficient lighting and green cleaning in her spa. greenbacks is giving her new business a boost. >> that is going to bring people in to get a great deal
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